Fall Guys: Season 3 | 7 New Levels and 30+ New Costumes on December 15

Fall Guys Season 3 Switch

Fall Guys Season 3 is starting in just a couple days and the official Fall Guys Twitter account teased a brand new ‘Thin Ice’ final level based on the original Hex-A-Gone but with a frozen Winter dynamic as is every new level in Season 3.

Some of the new changes to Winter version of Hex-A-Gone include (via Fall Guys’ Twitter):

  • You can stand on ice tiles 3 times before they break.
  • Tiles are now slippy.
  • No huge drop between layers, there’s one layer that is 3 tiles thick.
  • Winter theme.

Fall Guys’ Season 3 comes on the heels of the team over at Mediatonic winning two Golden Joystick Awards for Best Multiplayer Game and Best Family Game. Season 3 starts December 15, 2020 which you can join on PlayStation 4 or PC.

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