Nintendo Switch

They Listened to Us (finally)! Bravely Default II Player Feedback & Developer Updates

Square Enix released their player feedback from the demo questionnaire for Bravely Default II Switch. The demo for Bravely Default II released back on March 26, 2020 and featured a questionnaire players could submit feedback on issues with the demo. Over 20,000 suggestions were sent in for developers to mule over and analyze as they continue towards the development finish line.

Many issues such as game difficulty, movement speed on the world map, and even battle symbols were changed which shows how much the developers at Square Enix took fan advice into consideration and acted on it. Now those changes are being shared along with additional anecdotes from the developers.

Bravely Default II is set to release February 26, 2021 exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Let us know if you like the changes and if you’ll get the game once it releases.

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