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Apex Legends Coming to Nintendo Switch March 9, 2021?

Apex Legends Nintendo Switch February 2021

Could Apex Legends be coming to Nintendo Switch February 3, 2021 in a stealth drop? Many people seem to believe so based on a random Amazon listing that appears to be officially licensed by Nintendo themselves.

Today, twitter account Nintendeal noticed a listing for an Apex Legends officially licensed Switch wireless controller, available for pre-order on Amazon. The pre-order period ends on February 3, 2021 after which, the controller would be released to the public. Assuming it’s not a complete error, the controller could signal Apex Legends coming to the Nintendo Switch eShop as soon as this week.

What do you guys think? Comment and let us know if you’re ready for Apex Legends to hit Nintendo Switch.

UPDATE: The verified Apex Legends’ news account cites that Apex Legends Switch will release on March 9, 2021 so, we’re updating the title to reflect that date. Still no official word from Respawn Entertainment but this is pretty close to confirmed as it gets.

UPDATE 2: (Additional Sourcing via Dexerto)

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