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Nioh 2 ‘The First Samurai’ DLC Launch Trailer

Nioh 2 The First Samurai DLC logo

Nioh 2‘s latest DLC, ‘The First Samurai’ launches December 17 but Koei Tecmo released a launch trailer just beforehand so, people can get a taste.

Here’s the full details on ‘The First Samurai’:

Steel yourself for the ultimate challenge in the climactic final chapter of the Nioh 2 story.

Take up arms and travel through time to the land of the fabled youth who defeated an oni. Here, Otakemaru’s past, the secret of Sohayamaru and the truth behind the first samurai will all be revealed. The end of your hard-fought journey draws nigh.

Additional content includes:

  • New The First Samurai storyline
  • A new higher difficulty level
  • New Guardian Spirits
  • New yokai, Soul Cores and Yokai Abilities
  • New weapons, armor and accessories
  • New Secret Arts Text skills
  • New end content: The Underworld

(It is necessary to clear the main quest before playing this content.)

(This content is included as part of the Season Pass. The “Nioh 2 Season Pass” which contains DLC 1 “The Tengu’s Disciple”, DLC 2 “Darkness in the Capital”, and DLC 3 “The First Samurai” as a set is also now available, so take care to avoid repeated purchases.)

(In order to play with this additional content, you must own a copy of the main game which is sold separately, and update your game with the most recent online update.)

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